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The deep healing power of crystals with certified crystal healer Shiri Perera.

Crystals are high-vibrational beings from the first plane of existence coded with powerful metaphysical properties. Since ancient times, several cultures and tribes have embraced and utilised crystals for attracting wealth and prosperity, forming protective shields, welcoming love and abundance, initiating manifestation and even as an alternative to traditional medicine.

While the ultimate power to heal ourselves lies within, crystal healing is a powerful healing technique that helps deconstruct limiting beliefs, amplify positive vibrations and align seekers to the Universal Energy Matrix.

private sessions

Choose an immersive session where Shiri creates a personalised grid to liberate you from self-limiting patterns and welcome transformative energy shifts into your life.

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I had such a beautiful experience. I found myself very relaxed, comfortable and calm, and I could feel her presence and support. I had been a bit out of my spiritual practices/meditations, and not only was I guided through meditations provided, I also had my downloaded affirmations and recommended crystals to work with, I feel as though I found peace and love within again. I was guided to continue my practice and felt great value from my time working with this beautiful woman. I look forward to a session again in the future, and highly recommend anyone who has an open mind and heart to invest in yourself with these wonderful offerings.

Alysia Pinter

My meditation with Shiri was other worldly. I've tried meditation in the past, using apps or videos to guide me but always felt lonely in the process. Meeting with Shiri, although through Zoom, it still felt so personal, I found I was able to truly feel the benefits of meditation. Using crystals to activate sensations and awareness, it was the first meditation I felt really worked for me. I can't thank Shiri enough for this experience. I've been going through many personal changes and started applying the recommended meditation practices which have helped tremendously. I feel stronger and more able to make the changes I need to better my mind and body.

Bekki Lana

My crystal session was truly an amazing experience. It was unbelievable how I felt I entered another dimension. Everything, from my personalised crystal grid to the guided meditation was on point, like you have known me my whole life. I can’t wait to continue on my spiritual journey and grow with your help.

Araceli Galvez

I am glad I did my session with Shiri. It gave me clarity and helped me focus on myself. With her guidance, I felt more powerful and was able to experience the benefits of the process even more. I am grateful to have crossed paths with Shiri and wear her jewellery which I absolutely love. I feel as if they were created just for me! I am certain that I will always come back to Shiri for more information and guidance on which crystals will continue to help me with my alignment and I encourage others to do the same.

Grace Khoury

Shiri, a powerful woman and without a doubt, a healer. My crystal healing session was an investment to understanding the shift that needed to be taken in order to help me become a stronger, and more balanced person. Such a beautiful experience in spiritual and emotional healing.

Ashani De Silva
Sri Lanka