To create, uplift and transcend.

Aatmaya brings to you the art of transformation, elegance and grace.

About Aatmaya


Aatmaya is the story of the body, mind and soul written in the form of jewellery, home décor, dreamcatchers and Crystal Healing.
Unique designs uncommon to the human eye, every piece is a tribute to beauty, individuality, music and dance, and designed to lift one’s soul into the eternal light.
Derived from the Sinhalese term for “soul”, Aatmaya is a strong representation of both the masculine and feminine energies, heralding the message of organic and holistic living through every product and encouraging every customer to lead a conscious lifestyle.
Aatmaya has a range of collections suited to your needs. Aatma Jewels presents Exclusive Crystal Journeys, Soulful Living showcases a range of Spiritual Home Essences, and Spiritweaves let you indulge in a bit of magic with Handmade Cosmic Dreamcatchers.


All crystals are personally handpicked from India, Lebanon, Sri Lanka and Canada. At Aatmaya, we try our best to source our crystals from local vendors and family-run businesses. We thrive on authenticity and honesty and aim to reflect these values in our products.


All spiritual accessories and home essences are sourced from manufacturers situated in Nepal and India.


All crystal jewellery and dreamcatchers are handmade by Shiri Perera.



Shiri Perera, Owner and Founder of Aatmaya, is a Certified Crystal Healing Bodyworker and self-taught jewellery artist and has been working with crystals for over 5 years. Armed with a deeper understanding of their metaphysical properties and benefits, she shares her learnings in the form of Energy Healing.

Born in Abu Dhabi, originally from Sri Lanka, grew up in Dubai, lived in India, London and Lebanon, and now settled in Canada, Shiri always found herself drawn to the path of a higher calling. Having experienced a sense of enlightenment from several mind-expanding moments along her journey, led Shiri on a quest for self-awakening. This pursuit for a spiritually empowered lifestyle, is how Aatmaya came into being.

Shiri lovingly works with specific crystal grid layouts as a means of targeting any physical, emotional or mental ailments in the human body. She is also specialized in Chakra Balancing, guided meditations, and leading energy circles, applying the laws of manifestation and sharing her learnings in self-healing, mindfulness and wellness.