Himalayan Resonance


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Echoing melodies of the highest mountains, this 8-inch Singing Bowl emits a mesmorising melody of stillness. Its rough bronze exterior brings a sense of rawness and unmistakeable beauty, and is the perfect spiritual accessory to include in your home.

A quintessential aid to meditation, the ‘Himalayan Resonance’ Singing Bowl can be used for deep relaxation, stress reduction, pain relief, holistic healing, Reiki, Chakra Balancing, and World Music.

With its sacred frequencies resonating with your very soul, this Aatmaya Singing Bowl can be used to produce beneficial changes in the body by balancing the body’s energy system and boost overall well-being.

‘Himalayan Resonance’ comes with a wooden striker, a cushion ring, and a padded traveller’s bag for safe-keeping.

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