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Namaste fellow Crystal Warriors

Welcome to Aatmaya, our universe of Crystals, Semi-precious stones, Minerals, Crystal Healing and Wellness. We are so excited and blessed to be given the chance to share our knowledge and experiences with you all and only hope that our information and practices can lead to you living happy, enriched and fulfilled lives.

On our individual journeys in this lifetime, we have gone through the natural course of things – experiencing childhood, reaching adulthood, maintaining family ties, starting friendships, beginning careers, and venturing out on your own. But what if there is more to life than just submitting to the normal course of things and living your days based on what is “expected” of you?

This is what Aatmaya is about. Aatmaya is a reflection of your soul and a gateway to the deeper understanding of life and what being “human” is all about. It is an educational insight into the world of Crystals and Minerals where we link the beneficial properties of these miraculous stones and relate them to the world of science, personal learning and development, and the ever-growing popularity and beneficial results of Self-Healing and Holistic Living. 

Our website is a cultivation of beauty and self-progression, acting as a catalyst of deeper thought and never-ending questions, while also learning of the hidden secrets of life and all its sacred patterns. Aatmaya is also a platform of handmade Crystal Jewelry and other meditative products, which can be viewed in the respective links on our website.

We are so humble, so blessed to arrive to this point. It has been long, tiresome, sometimes even impossible, but a beautiful adventure nonetheless. Thank you for all the support you have given us throughout these years, and thank you most of all, for being you.

May you all be happy and free.

Love and grace,
Shiri Perera
Crystal Healing Bodyworker and Founder of Aatmaya