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These are the things our race has been blessed with and it is our duty and responsibility to harness the tools that enter our path in order to aid our self-progression and self-education.

It is up to us to continuously evolve and help spread the information we have absorbed so that we, as a collective, can make this world a better place. A world of knowledge, awareness and growth.

I have created a Crystal Grid that encompasses the gift of clarity, mental focus, absorption and mind expansion. The main characteristics of the crystal grid are as follows:

  1. Specific crystals in an activated grid
  2. The form of a triangle
  3. Open- eye meditation

If you have these crystals – GREAT. If not, the picture and video is on my IGTV and can be accessed at any time when you are ready to connect.

  • Blue Calcite in the centre for mental focus and concentration
  • Fluorite for increased concentration
  • Hematite and Smokey Quartz for improved cognitive abilities and grounding energy As your mind expands, it is important to have a grounding force to help you remain rooted.
  • Amazonite for mind expansion and higher consciousness
  • Sodalite pointers to activate your Third Eye Chakra and to direct the energy from the centre of the Crystal Grid towards the outer layers
  • Clear Quartz to help rid your environment of unwanted energies and to provide a clear connection between the inner and outer crystals

The triangle is and always will be a sacred shape in our evolution. There is always the power of 3 in all mystic teachings which is why the triangle is a primary teaching tool in symbolic learning. If there is mind, there is body and spirit. If there is life, there is death and rebirth. If One represents force, and Two represents creation, then Three symbolizes the birth of true wisdom.

While applying the triangle with this specific grid, we are acknowledging the One which is knowledge, information and education. Two, which is learning and absorption, and Three is therefore mind expansion and application.


I highly recommend to experience this Crystal Meditation as an Open-Eye Meditation and at least for 15 minutes.

  1. As you concentrate on the Crystal Grid, expand your consciousness as large as the room you are in. Expand your consciousness as large as your house. Expand your consciousness as large as the city you are in. Expand your consciousness as large as the country you are in. Finally expand your consciousness as large as the entire world. Allow your love and compassion to reach all corners of the earth, and finally of the entire Universe. You are now connected to Source.
  2. As you continue to concentrate on the Crystal Grid, visualise the energy in the form of white light emanate from the Blue Calcite crystal as it pulses through the Sodalite pointers. Imagine this growing energy reach the crystals of Fluorite, Amazonite, Hematite and Smokey Quartz. Visualise this energy as ever-growing, ever-bright and all-knowing. Allow this energy to enter your energy field. You are now eternally connected.
  3. Continue the Mind Expansion Crystal Meditation for 30 days and keep the Crystal Grid well activated in your space so that the energy of the amplified crystals continues to work its magic.

At the end of the Crystal Meditation, you may say the following Affirmations:


You are all-knowing because we are connected to the Universe and thus the Universal Energy Matrix. You are accessing the sacred energy space through the activated Crystal Grid through a space of love and not ego. This is the centre of all-knowing and oneness.

May your spiritual journey always be eventful and fruitful.

I with you love. I wish you joy.