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One cannot go wrong with Amethyst. It becomes a personal guide, crystal-confidante, and spiritual activator for all dedicated seekers – Shiri Perera

I began my journey with Amethyst. It started with the weaving of a simple dreamcatcher and a single crystal of Amethyst right in the middle of its web. Little did I know that Amethyst will be accompanying me through every important chapter of my life, offering shields of protection, and waves of guidance and love.

One of the oldest, more sacred crystals of our time, Amethyst has been my warrior-driven, amulet-carrying, high-vibrational companion through times of personal victories, bravery and compassion. It is one of the primary crystals that every seeker should use in their daily practices, meditations, and aura-cleansing rituals. In absorbing its violet energy, Amethyst is an energy amplifier and abundance initiator.

  • Birth Month: February
  • Sun Sign: Pisces
  • Element: Wind
  • Chakra: Third Eye
  • Sacred Shape: Dodecahedron
  • Powers: Clairvoyance, Intuition and Manifestation
  • Affirmations: I trust myself, I see what I need with clarity, I manifest with ease and peace, I am connected to Source, My visions become my reality

Healing Properties of Amethyst

  • Activates the Third Eye and Crown Chakras
  • Improves Intuition
  • Unlocks your Inner Power leading to self-empowerment and confidence
  • Triggers altered states of consciousness and psychic skills

Psychological Properties of Amethyst

  • Enhances the sense of humour which Is essential when on the spiritual path
  • Improves memory and strengthens the mind
  • Is known to treat insomnia and fight depression
  • Helps one stay true to personal life goals and aids in the overall success of businesses

How to Use Amethyst

Crystal Grids

  • Strengthen intuition and mental powers: Place the Amethyst in the centre of the grid to direct its powerful, loving, high-vibrational energy towards the outer layers of the Crystal Grid
  • Create balance and manifest a life partner: Use Amethyst as pointers or cabochon crystals in the outer layers of the Crystal Grid


  • Amethyst can be placed on your Third Eye Chakra, in between your eyebrows, as you slip into your realm of altered consciousness or in front of you as you perform an open-eye meditation
  • Under your pillow as you sleep
  • Around your house; this includes on your work table, book shelves, coffee tables basically anything that is within sight and involves a space dedicated to exercising your mind